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Our Organization

Hello, and Thank you for visiting our site. I am Bill Garrison and the founder of TEMCA Chaplains Association, we are a not for profit volunteer organization that was created to help communities during emergency and disasters and also the responders that so bravely serve us. We have been in existance now 6 years and have well over 60 chaplains serving currently in 35 US States and Canada, Nigeria, New Zealand. We have members from various Christian backgrounds and churches that lead us into being one of the best organizations in business. We accept people who want to serve God and their community, we let members serve with thier own ministries, organizations and churches. We do not mandate hours of service and you do not have to be a clergy or certified EMS responder.

Our Home Office Location

Our home office is located in Southwest Virginia in a small town called: Chilhowie, this means Land of many deer. We are just below White Top Mountain and surrounded by mountains, creeks and animals. Virginia is a great place to call home and the local folks, well let's say they are real good folk!  A place in America where a family can still live, breath and eat. A place where a handshake still means a man's word, and a place to call home!

We do not have a big city office building with a huge useless staff, saleman knocking on doors or tons of overhead that just is plain nuts: Nope it's just me at home  in our small country office.

Our Logo

Do you need training as a chaplain? We have various sources that can offer you the confidence and education that will allow you to be an effective chaplain within your community.  Currently we do NOT offer ordination, but we can refer you to other ministries that do offer that service.

Our Thoughts in a nut shell!

Here is the deal: We do charge a small membership fee, $ 10.00 Yep, that's it, I know what you were thinking. Why are the other guys charging hundreds of dollars for membership and we do it for ten bucks, because we want you as a member! We don't expect you to go broke joining, no way:  The $10 dollars covers your wall certificate, id card and what ever else we decide to send you, and postage. No frills, no fuss!


How can you help?

Even if I don't want to respond to an emergency there are many ways to serve. We have chaplains that do home visits some elect to do a hospital visitation ministry. We do have members who do respond to calls, but many of them have been volunteers and professional EMS/Fire members. You can distribute gospels or bibles, there are several sources on the web that you can get tons of free materials.  You can even hold a bible study at home, so these are just some of the services our chaplains do and the list is endless.